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Day Tajhiz Trading Company was established in 2005 with the aim of equipping and updating various industrial and laboratory sectors of the country. Despite early success, after conducting internal audits, a change in the composition of the management team was presented as a way to further develop the company. After identifying the management gap and analyzing it, the company finally made fundamental changes in its structure in 2012 with the composition of a new board of directors and with the new name of “Day Tajhiz Azma”.

Day Tajhiz Azma Company is serving all units with the mission statement of equipping various industrial and laboratory sectors and with the vision of the main authority for supplying the country’s equipment.

Providing products and services, taking into account all customer expectations, has resulted in 100% satisfaction. Providing quality products and services, employing outstanding technical experts, commitment and sense of responsibility towards customers and their needs, as well as clear records of managers in equipping and updating various industrial and laboratory departments have been the most important reasons for the company’s continuous growth.

Due to the industrial capacities of the east of the country and also the lack of capabilities, in addition to the head office located in Tehran, the office and laboratory of Day Tajhiz Azma with high capacities in Semnan province has been established as a branch of Day Tajhiz Azma company. Also, the most complete laboratory complex in Semnan province is established under the same branch and is ready to serve all units.

The goods and services of Day Tajhiz Azma Company are introduced in the following order:

  • Official and exclusive representative of many European and American companies in Iran (technical advice and delivery of existing equipment along with installation, commissioning, training and issuance of calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ certificates, as well as providing various guarantees)
  • All activities related to equipment import (activity description, technical consulting, ordering and purchasing, foreign exchange and transportation services and clearance, inspection and obtaining relevant licenses, installation and mortgaging and training, testing and calibration, issuance of relevant certificates, after-sales service and parts supply)
  • Equipment technical and engineering services with a trained expert team – after-sales service including upgrading, parts supply and service and repair and…
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